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2018/2019 Events/Meetings

09/13/2018 7pm [nen]SEPTA Meeting

09/16/2018 12pm Cow Habor Day

10/02/2018 5pm Meet & Greet @ The Whales Tale

10/18/2018 7pm [nen]SEPTA Meeting (Speaker: Tamara Pelosi, PTS Coaching and Owen Kelly, Down Syndrome self advocate)

11/02/2018 6:45pm Paint Night (Fifth Ave ES, Bellerose Ave ES & Pulaski Rd ES)

11/07/2018 6:45pm Paint Night (Dickinson Ave ES, Ocean Ave ES & Norwood Ave ES)

11/29/2018 7pm [nen]SEPTA Meeting (Speaker: To Be Announced)

12/12/2018 6:45pm Paint Night (East Northport MS, Northport MS & Northport HS

12/16/2018 7pm ELF the Muscal at Engeman Theater

12/20/2018 7pm [nen]SEPTA's Holiday Dinner @ Jackson's Restaurant

01/03/2018 7pm [nen]SEPTA Meeting

02/12/2018 7pm [nen]SEPTA Meeting

03/20/2018 7pm [nen]SEPTA Meeting

04/16/2018 7pm [nen]SEPTA Meeting

05/31/2018 7pm [nen]SEPTA Meeting

06/13/2018 7pm [nen]SEPTA Meeting [location TBD]